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Care and Share Foundation - Uganda

"Come and share the joy of caring with us..."  

Welcome to www.careandshare.cfsites.org

Updated May 30th, 2012

We provide education - formal and/or vocational - to desperately poor, neglected and forgotten orphans whose parents have died of AIDS. We also assist children with AIDS and widows that have lost their spouses to AIDS.

CSF- U is a non-profit, Interdenominational organization which helps children (Orphans) and their families in the outlying districts of Jinja, Uganda, find a better life in the world.

Widows in their Saturday meeting at the centre     We teach our kids to seek God  through prayer

CSF - U was founded in Uganda in 2003 by Robert Waibi, who is the current Director of CSF -U. He gave up a very high profile job to help the people of his village after he visited his home area and witnessed the need.
Our mission is to help the children of the villages around Jinja, Uganda support themselves as they grow up to be adults. The majority of the children CSF - U is working with are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. CSF - U runs an orphanage school in the village of Lwanda called Rock Nursey and Primary School.


Orphans Salute you Brethren!                                           Matthew 25: 36 (Orphan recieving t-shirt)

The aim of this site is to inform you of the work CSF - U is doing to help a small part of Africa, one penny at a time, helping kids and their families that do need our help. Our world is very small, as we travel or listen to first hand needs and tragedy, we all will see sad and disturbing situations. We ask you to stop and think for a minute. When you feel down, sad and upset, bring a smile to your face and realize that all can be better if we can spend some time thinking of others.


Please also check out our other pages as well. It shows the work, really quite incredible work, that is done on very limited monies. All of this work has been done on a shoestring budget. It only goes to show what can be done when people care about each other.

Contact us

Care and Share Foundation, Uganda
P.O. Box 1226, Jinja, Uganda
Phone: +256 712 429498
waibius@yahoo.com  OR waibirobert@gmail.com
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