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Care and Share Foundation - Uganda

"Come and share the joy of caring with us..."  

Busoga Churches of Christ, Jinja, Uganda, East Africa

"Expect to see people who put their faith in practice; trying to live pure and faithful lives, serving others..."  


The Busoga Churches of Christ number nearly 70 churches in the five districts of Busoga with more congregations being planted by local Christians. These congregations carry out a significant amount of ministry including youth clubs, AIDS work, care for orphans, education from nursery through secondary schools, leadership training at the Busoga Bible School and so forth.


We Practice Believers Baptism by Immersion


Busoga Churches of Christ is on ministering to the whole person, spiritually, mentally and physical needs we are therefore committed to  the whole well being of Orphans (vulnerable children), widows and community as a way of showing love in a practical way as we reach the world for Christ.



We do send our invitation to all who wish to be partners/sponsors in the Busoga Churches of Christ.


Sponsor a Church Minister

Stand with a minister of a church in our churches planted in the villages. Village churches are not able to support their church ministers financially due to the high level of poverty that they face daily.


With $40 per month you can change the family life of a minister for good and the Church Minister can serve God happily knowing that his family is not going with out food. Your sponsored Church Minister will be exchanging letters with you and photos of his family and the church. You’re welcome to visit your Church Minister any time, we will be there for you.

E-MAIL: busogachurchesofchrist@gmail.com 

All Churches of Christ in Busoga, share the same weakness and strength.

Lwanda Church of Christ, Jinja, Uganda, Busoga region, Uganda, East Africa.

Visit: www.churchofchristuganda.hpage.com (Copy & paste in the browser)